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Accordion Menu Pro V1

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Accordion Menu Pro V1 has been discontinued, you can purchase Accordion Menu V3 or Accordion Tree Menu V3 instead.

About Accordion Menu Pro V1

Accordion Menu Pro v1 is a professional component that can be used along with your flash movies. Accordion Menu Pro is special designed for Flash MX 2004. From the properties panel you can customize up to 19 parameters, such as size, colors, title font, font size, tweening method (true/false), all/one opened window at a time. The tool's skin is very modern, very customizable and looks good within every web site. The Accordion's look is inspired from Macromedia's authoring environments such as FLASH 8, Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8.

The Accordion's content source file is an XML. ( a basic XML content for a 3 element accordion can be found here ) The title attribute holds the title of the menu and the opened attribute specify if a compartment will load opened or closed first.

There are 4 events broadcasted: onLoadXML , onOpenItem, onCloseItem and onReleaseSubmenu (with params: menu, submenu). Use a listener object attached to the accordion in order to retrieve these events. (onClipEvent will not work here, retrieve events only with a listener object as described). We also included a function for opening/closing an item without clicking over it: accordionInstance.openItem(itemNumber). Please view our Help, to see some code samples of using the Accordion Menu Pro v1.


1. Load XML configuration file.
2. 2 level accordion menu, define an infinite number of menus and submenus, from XML
3. Tweening options on accordion's items. (can be turned off:false)
4. Choose tweening speed.
5. Choose color(s) for the accordion's bars. (flat or gradient) Choose separate colors for submenus (rollover too)
6. Choose the font for the title (menu and submenu).
7. Choose the font size and style for the title bars (menu and submenu).
8. Choose opening mode. (one/all)
9. Choose individual colors for menu title bars (directly from XML)
10. Catch onLoadXML , onOpenItem, onCloseItem and onReleaseSubmenu events.
11. openItem(itemNumber) function included. Use this function in order to open/close items(menus) from actionscript.


IDE Version: Macromedia MX2004, Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3
Action Script Version: AS2.0
Flash Player Version: Flash Player 7, Flash Player 8, Flash Player 9 +

UI Access

Accordion Menu Pro V1 can be accessed from Components panel under UI Pro Components – jumpEYE.