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Flash Components

Flash components are pieces of advanced flash work, also called flash extensions, that extends Flash functionality to enable fast integration, skinning and deployment for beginner to advanced level users. Most of all our flash components are made especially for Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4 and now for Flash CS5, some of them work only for AS2.0 flash projects, others only for AS3.0.

However, the V3 flash components are available for both AS2.0 and AS3.0 in the same bundle, so you can use them for each type of projects. Most of the AS3.0 components are already being shaped to work with the newest Adobe Flash CS5 version as well.


JCPlayer2  as30

JC Player 2.0 is a collection of Flash and HTML5 video player templates developed to create and share easily video and music playlists.


SlideshowBox2  as30

SlideshowBox 2.0 is an improved version of the well known SlideshowBox component. You can use it to create easily impressive image galleries and slide shows.

JC Collection

JC Collection  as30

JC Collection is a special pack that includes all JC components at a special price.

JC Thumb Viewer

JC Thumb Viewer  as30

A series of XML-driven flash components that displays thumbnail size images within a strip in two modes: dock and scroller/slider.

JC Loader

JC Loader  as30

JC Loader is a flash loader component that can be used to load images, library items and flash content inside flash files without any coding. Also, you can set show and hide transitions, since JC Load

All V3 Components

All V3 Components  v3 flash_mx2004 flash_8 flash_cs3 as20 as30

All V3 Components, AS2.0 and AS3.0


FlashEff2  as30

FlashEff2 is an improved version of the well known FlashEff animation component. You can use it to easily create Flash animations in a matter of seconds.

JC Panorama for Flash

JC Panorama for Flash  as30

JC Panorama Viewer is an ActionScript 3.0 component that enables displaying several types of panoramas (plain, cylindrical, spherical and cubical) and virtual tours based on multiple panoramas.

JC Flash Map

JC Flash Map  as30

JC Flash Map is a flash component used to display online maps from all of the major map providers: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Maps and OpenStreetMap.

JC Play List

JC Play List  as30

JC Play List is an easy to use ActionScript 3.0 list component that allows for easy visual representation of list multimedia lists which come as .xml files and RSS 2.0 feeds from Picasa and Flickr.

JC Text Editor

JC Text Editor  as30

The JC Text Editor is simply the best text formatter/text editing tool for Flash. JC Text Editor can be used in conjunction with any input type TextField or TextInput instances.

Flash Bookmarks

Flash Bookmarks  as30

It is a fully customizable, free component to include social bookmarking buttons within sites and share the pages on most of the basic social bookmarking sites.

MCTE Collection Plus

MCTE Collection Plus  as20 as30

Now you have 25 MCTE Patterns to rapidly create any kind of MovieClip transition effects photo slide shows and text animations for only 9. Includes the MCTE V3 and the Loader Pro V3x.

MCTE Pattern Collection

MCTE Pattern Collection  as20 as30

Contains 16 additional MCTE Patterns. In order to use these patterns you will need the MCTE V3.

ActionScript Bridge

ActionScript Bridge 

The ASB API consists of easy to use methods and 2 flash components: 1. ASBTerminal (the drag and drop ASB terminal/connector for AS2.0, enables any AS2.0 swf files for AS3.0 integration and communication). 2. ASBContainer (the loader/container that is used in AS3.0 projects to include ASB enabled AS2.0 files, using the source parameter)

MovieClip Transition Effects V3

MovieClip Transition Effects V3  as20 as30

A transition effect component with lots of flash animation effects already included, and lots of effects sold separately.

Accordion Panel V3

Accordion Panel V3  as20 as30

Accordion Panel V3 is a professional accordion component that loads movies and movieclips and supports both horizontal and vertical orientation, it supports customized tweens, states and visual styles

Loader Pro V3

Loader Pro V3  as20 as30

The Loader Pro V3 is a professional loader that features scale modes (scale, crop, scale-crop, resize), align modes, built in preloaders and customized transition tweens.

Color Picker Pro V3

Color Picker Pro V3  as20 as30

Color Picker Pro V3 is a highly customizable color picker flash component. Featuring additional themes and possibility to purchase customized themes.

Accordion Tree Menu V3

Accordion Tree Menu V3  as20 as30

The ultimate XML Accordion Menu with unlimited sublevels, tree structure, Accordion Tree Menu V3 is a highly customizable menu, a must-have for every webdeveloper.

Drop Down Tree Menu V3

Drop Down Tree Menu V3  as20 as30

The ultimate XML Drop Down Menu with unlimited sublevels, tree structure, Drop Down Tree Menu V3 is highly customizable with custom states, skins, tweening and transitions.

Accordion Menu V3

Accordion Menu V3  as20 as30

Accordion Menu V3 is a xml 2-level flash accordion menu featuring customized states, transitions and tweens.

Drop Down Menu V3

Drop Down Menu V3  as20 as30

Drop down flash xml menu, a 2-level menu, can be used as vertical or horizontal menus, with customizable skins, states, transitions and tweens.